Home Mastectomy Protocol

This is a full Breast surgery rehabilitation protocol that can be used for home or fitness facility. All the phases from Phase 1 to Phase 4 broken up into weekly blocks for easy to follow instruction. Full HD video quality with multiple angle and descriptions.

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Whether your goal is to get back to playing sports, or simply play with your kids in the park, this course will get you back the confidence following your breast surgery.

Your Coach and Biokineticist Marius Visser


Hi, I’m Marius Visser, Biokineticist, wellness coach and founder of the Marius Visser Academy of Movement. Biokinetics is not only about exercising with the goal of pain relief, strengthening, movement therapy or the likes of restoring general fitness and health.

My obligation as a frontline healthcare professional is to educate, teach, mentor, and transition my patients to an all inclusive healthy lifestyle. Promoting and optimising healthy living through my courses ranging from pain relief, rehabilitation, corrective exercise and movement.

Here you will find my ongoing passion for human movement with courses that will help you become pain free and functional again, leaving you with more time to enjoy life.

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Home Total Breast Reconstruction Protocol
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  • Over 40+ Corrective exercises from beginner to advanced
  • Detailed description of each exercise
  • Pre-op program to ensure best post-op outcome
  • Full HD Videos with multiple angels for each phase
  • Hydrotherapy exercises for pain and swelling management
  • Full 3 months of programming in a downloadable ebook
  • 24/7 email support
  • Lifetime access

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