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This is a full Total Shoulder Arthroplasty rehabilitation protocol that can be used for home or fitness facility. All the phases from Phase 1 to Phase 5 broken up into weekly blocks for easy to follow instruction. Full HD video quality with multiple angle and descriptions.

How We Help Our Patients Strengthen, And Get Rid Of Chronic Shoulder Weakness and Pain After Surgery

In my practice, I often encounter individuals grappling with persistent shoulder pain after undergoing shoulder replacement surgery.

Whether they’ve undergone shoulder replacement before or, more commonly, continue to experience pain long after the initial surgery, many reach a point of frustration that leads them to consider further intervention.

A recurring issue surfaces: widespread muscle weakness and imbalances that frequently go unaddressed by most healthcare professionals.

Upon exploring the patient’s history, it becomes evident that many exercises and treatments they’ve been guided through inadvertently contribute to the existing muscle imbalance, exacerbating the problem.

Through a comprehensive treatment approach aimed at calming and strengthening the shoulder, and rectifying the muscle imbalance, patients begin to experience relief from shoulder pain and dysfunction.

This treatment strategy, implemented in-person at my practice, has been meticulously translated into all the phases for built-in safety in my videos, comprising the Total Shoulder Replacement/Recovery Program.

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It Worked For My Patients, And It Will Work For You!

Discover how to address the root cause of your persistent weakness and pain, freeing yourself from the need for frequent visits to the surgeon’s office or a lifelong dependence on pain management specialists.

Regain the ability to:

  •  Flex and extend your shoulder with ease, without enduring painful forced stretches.
  •  Enjoy your favourite sporting activities, stopping only when you’re tired, not because of weakness and pain.
  •  Sit at your desk or embark on a road trip without the constant urge to stretch your shoulder.
  •  Carry out your daily activities, without the need to feel restricted or weak.
  •  Potentially reduce or eliminate that clicking sounds associated with moving parts.
  •  Exercise confidently, without the fear of experiencing increased shoulder pain and swelling afterward.

These goals are achievable for 90% of individuals grappling with chronic dysfunction following a shoulder replacement. Take the first step toward reclaiming your freedom and comfort.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Focusing On Improving Your Shoulder Replacement!

  • Improve the mobility of your shoulder replacement
  • Protect your shoulder replacement from wearing out
  • Decrease the chance of having another shoulder surgery
  • Build enough confidence in your replaced shoulder to get back to doing things you love to do
  • Get your shoulder healthy enough to avoid having another surgery
  • Reduce the popping, clicking sounds in the shoulder replacement
  • Improve your overhead reaching activities, while improving your posture
  • Strengthen the muscles that keep your upper back, neck and elbows healthy
  • Increase your knowledge about muscle imbalances to protect yourself from future shoulder problems
  • Safely get back to lifting weights
  • Know exactly what type and how much strength you should be doing
  • Get your shoulder replacement as stable as possible for the long-term

Introducing The Total Shoulder Replacement Program

Learn How To Fix The Root Muscle Imbalance That Surgery And Physical Therapy Couldn’t


About this Course

The Shoulder Replacement Program is a comprehensive program filled with everything you need to rehabilitate your shoulder safely in the comfort of your home.

Then guiding you to treat the root problem that set up shoulder arthritis and continues to cause pain in your replaced shoulder joint. 

This program works even for a reverse shoulder replacement.


What you will learn

  • Step by step guidance through your rehabilitation journey, including terminology, nutrition, pain management, hydrotherapy and getting out of your sling.  
  • How to gain more mobility in your shoulder joint without forcing yourself to do aggressive, painful stretches
  • Thorough understanding of your procedure, so you can safely progress through the Phases.
  • How to get the most out of your replaced shoulder joint while keeping it healthy for the long-term so that you never have to go back to another surgeon.

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Whether your goal is to get back to playing sports, or simply play with your kids in the park, this course will get you back the confidence following your shoulder reconstruction.

Your Coach and Biokineticist Marius Visser


Hi, I’m Marius Visser, Biokineticist, wellness coach and founder of the Marius Visser Academy of Movement. Biokinetics is not only about exercising with the goal of pain relief, strengthening, movement therapy or the likes of restoring general fitness and health.

My obligation as a frontline healthcare professional is to educate, teach, mentor, and transition my patients to an all inclusive healthy lifestyle. Promoting and optimising healthy living through my courses ranging from pain relief, rehabilitation, corrective exercise and movement.

Here you will find my ongoing passion for human movement with courses that will help you become pain free and functional again, leaving you with more time to enjoy life.

Here's whats inside

If You Ignore The Weakness and Chronic Pain Of Your Replaced Shoulder, It Will Get Worse!

Many individuals find themselves grappling with feelings of depression and regret when their expectations for relief from shoulder pain following replacement are unmet.

Living with chronic shoulder pain often leads to the acceptance of various limitations, such as:

  • Inability to sleep at night
  • Difficulty reaching or simple tasks like hanging up clothes
  • Experiencing pain and swelling with attempts at exercise for shoulder improvement

Numerous people enduring chronic shoulder pain resort to daily pain medication or seek relief through injections. Some even contemplate revisiting shoulder replacement in hopes of a better outcome.

Unfortunately, the pervasive issue of overlooked and untreated muscle imbalances continues to worsen over time, intensifying both pain and disability. We witness this trajectory in the elderly, who, having faced shoulder problems since their younger years, gradually limit activity to minimise pain, inadvertently growing weaker and experiencing increased pain over time.

This downward spiral elevates the risk of back and neck problems and, tragically, often culminates in a loss of motion leading to a frozen shoulder or peripheral neuropathy. The resulting disability can significantly impact your quality of life.

I firmly believe that a crucial factor contributing to these stereotypical narratives is the neglect of root muscle imbalances. My hope for you is to defy this pattern. Instead, envision a future where you remain active, confidently engaging in activities you love without the fear of your shoulder holding you back.

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You have a Choice to make


A pivotal choice lies before you…

You can opt to persist with your current approach (or worse, do nothing at all to address your shoulder issues). Yet, you’re well aware of the potential consequences. I sincerely hope that’s not the path you envision for yourself…

Alternatively, you can embark on a new course of action, choose to address your challenges with rehabilitating your shoulder replacement, and begin the journey toward reclaiming a life free from the persistent, troublesome, and perhaps even chronic weakness and pain that has lingered for far too long.

What is your true desire for yourself?

Here’s your next step…

If you’re eager to promptly address your shoulder replacement, maintain an active, healthy, and mobile lifestyle, steering clear of unnecessary future surgeries, injections, and reliance on pain medications, then click the button below to initiate your journey with the Total Shoulder Replacement Program today.

Academy of Movement

Home Total Shoulder Reconstruction Protocol
$ 187 Once off
  • Over 60 Corrective exercises from beginner to advanced
  • Detailed description of each exercise
  • Pre-op program to ensure best post-op outcome
  • Full HD Videos with multiple angels for each phase
  • Hydrotherapy exercises for pain and swelling management
  • Full 6 months of programming in a downloadable ebook
  • 24/7 email support
  • Lifetime access

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have access to the program?

Lifetime access is granted as of now. That means you’ll have access to the program indefinitely. This gives you time to learn and implement everything you need to get your shoulder healthy for the rest of your life


Are there printouts of the exercises?

Yes, there is a complete printable booklet that you can download or print with all the exercises in order.  Just watch the video, then follow the guide according to their Phases.


Is there any equipment needed?

No, it is possible to go through the first part of the program without purchasing any equipment. There are a few pieces of equipment that are recommended in later Phases, but not absolutely necessary in the first Phases to be successful in rehabilitating your shoulder replacement


Can this help me if I’ve had a revision surgery and this is my 2nd shoulder replacement?

Absolutely yes! This program was designed for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, as well as any follow up surgery including revision or repairs.


Do you offer support if I have a question?

Yes! We have email support. This program is designed to be a self-paced comprehensive program, but you can reach out if you have a question within the platform and I will help you as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can Email me directly on marius@mariusvisserfitness.com 

Do I have to exercise every day? What if I have a busy schedule?

Depending on which Phase you are in.  The first Phase there may be times when you need to do some activities frequently each day. There are Phases that only need to be done a few times per week to be effective. Prepare your schedule accordingly so that you can get the most out of this protocol

Will you explain how many sets and reps need to be done?

Yes, the video’s and downloadable ebook will guide you exactly to how many sets and reps needed to be performed.  The exact number depends on what you can tolerate without causing pain, while still using the correct muscles to do the exercise properly.

Will this program cause more shoulder pain?

It shouldn’t! If you’re following the guidelines, it should be comfortable to do everything in this program.  Avoid doing anything that causes more pain since that is likely to set you back. This is not a “no-pain no-gain” situation, instead it’s a slow down, or stop completely situation. Pushing into and through pain is likely to cause more irritation, swelling, and a loss of mobility. It’s discouraged completely in this program.

What if, along with the chronic shoulder pain from my replacement, I’m also contending with additional issues?

It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience neck pain, discomfort in the upper back, or peripheral neuropathy alongside the  shoulder pain in the replaced joint. Remarkably, these common problems often share the same underlying issue responsible for chronic pain following a replacement. Engaging in this program can lead to positive outcomes, with improvements seen not only in shoulder pain but also in upper back pain, neck pain, and improved posture.


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