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Understanding the Over 40 Blueprint


Im hoping by now that you had a chance to download my free ebook. But if you haven’t, I am aiming this blog at you (and also, please download it now). This will be the first of a series of blogs aimed at creating awareness of our physical abilities and the difficulties you might experience. Not allot of corrective fitness information has been geared specifically towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts over 40, but I am hopeful that my blogs will give you not only the best in quality information regarding your health and fitness concerns, but also how you can build and thrive out of your own body through my movement practices.

As a Biokineticist, or for those who don’t know what that means-I work with correcting movement disorders through exercise therapy as a modality. During my working day, I am constantly moving my patients and clients through a series of principles that I have developed over the last 10 years. I have worked mainly in the fields of:

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Wellness.
  • Strength and Conditioning.
  • Sports Performance.
  • Weight Loss

From the disciplines I have just mentioned, it has taken me some time to find the common link between these practices. A common thread that binds them together. Something so simple, yet for some of us-it has eluded us for so many years.

The Art Of Movement

Movement has been around us and part of us for millions of years. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for movement. And yet my entire day is filled with teaching people how to regain that movement. Doesn’t that sound insane?

Now for most of us I’m sure, doing the same thing day in and day out would be enough to drive even the most sane person crazy. But here is the conundrum… I keep doing the same thing over and over again, fixing the way people move because people keep doing the same thing over and over keeping me doing the same thing over and over, and eventually we drive each other insane!

So, I have come up with a solution to spare both our sanity. But before I get into that, I would first like to explain why I feel the way I feel.

You see we are the actual architects of our own demise. We are now living in a technological era. Everything is becoming automated. Well almost everything… Us humans are still required to sit for 12 hours a day and feed our hunger for information such as schooling, studying, working, reading, writing with our only free time reduced to an hour or so for actual activity. And yet, we spend most of our activity doing the things that does not really help the other 12 hours of the day I just mentioned. And this is sitting!

They say sitting is the new smoking? Now from any perspective that is bad. From a movement perspective, sitting for 12 hours a day ( and yes we do sit on average 12 hours a day) and then of course sleeping another 6-8 hours? Leaves us with a couple of hours of moving time? Now that doesn’t sound like allot of options for a human body that was designed to pretty much perform like an Olympic athlete (think ancestors). Then we wonder why we are

  • Obese,
  • Why my back hurts when i stand,
  • Why my knee hurts when i run.
  • Or how about why my shoulders and neck feel so stiff?

But its actually worse than that. Im sure we all know someone who has had a hip or knee replacement? Or we all know somebody who has been suffering with lower back pain and just never seem to find a solution besides surgery? And here is the kicker. Our bodies were designed to last us a lifetime.

But how do we do that now after years of abuse? There is an answer, so stick around and I will show you. This has been my life’s work up until now, and with the results I have been getting with my clients and patients has been nothing short of amazing! But, you have to take this journey with me and first understand WHY it is we are stuck in this paradigm of poor movement. In the next few blogs, I will do my best and explain my 7 movement rules. Here, you will learn my movement practices that has delivered great results for my patients and clients. And I truly believe will bring the same results to you.
If you have any questions about me or this post, please leave a comment below.

To your movement health


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