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Define Your rehabilitation Goals

change your life

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In todays times, it has become more and more clear that we not only need to look after our health, but that we should do so where possible in the comfort of our homes.  It is for this reason, I have developed a comprehensive series of programs designed for that purpose.  And that is to give you the opportunity to apply the same scientific principles I have used on my patients for the last 12 years.  

Every course is designed to give you the best chance possible for success.  I have included a tutorial style guide to take you through your entire process.  This includes Goals of your Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Healing, Progress and Regress Criteria, Terminology, Pain and Swelling Management with Hydrotherapy and What you need to know about your procedure.

Every Course is broken up into Phases for built in safety.  Each Phase is broken up into High Quality Video with Multiple angles and descriptions for you to follow step by step.

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

Improve Your Mobility
Improve your Balance
improve your strength
minimise your pain and dysfunction

Your Coach and Biokineticist

Train With Confidence and get results

our courses

ACL Reconstruction


Total Knee Arthroplasty


Total Hip Arthroplasty


Total Mastectomy Rehab


Total Shoulder Arthroplasty


Complete Lower Back

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Define Your rehabilitation Goals

change your life

Make movement an everyday part of your life.

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