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Do you lack an excercise plan?

16 November 201

Some physicians say the theory of "evolutionary medicine" can help guide the treatment of modern ailments like obesity.

Some physicians say the theory of “evolutionary medicine” can help guide the treatment of modern ailments like obesity.

What are you doing in the gym?

Adding sense
to nonsense

As I’m about to write you this post, I notice an elderly man walking into to the gym. My eyes follow him making his way to the first available machine. In this instance… its the low row machine. He sits down and starts heaving as to pretend that what he is doing, may or may not be helping him in some way. He gets up, and moves towards the next available piece of equipment and carries on until he finishes off on the abdominal crunch machine. Does that sound familiar? How often do we guide our workouts by the operating ease of a machine, or the availability of our favourite machines? Or perhaps just out of habit?

Now don’t get me wrong, I would rather see the elderly man working out on his favourite piece of equipment than to not working out at all. But wouldn’t it be amazing to know what we are actually doing? Or even better, why we are doing what we are doing? Wouldn’t each one of us like to know what we “should” be doing, and instead of blindly going about our workouts we do something that we are supposed to do at the same time. Confused? Let me explain.

We all seem to know, hopefully instinctively that we need to exercise. And we all know that we do have self-preservation needs. Anytime we could blend these two together would be amazing! Think about function for a minute. What does that mean to you? It could mean something different to each and every one of us. But let me explain what I mean by the word function. To have a physical presence today might not be the same as to have had a physical presence say, 1000 years ago, or 30 000 years ago. We don’t have to catch our own food, or run away from mountain lions, fending off competing tribes or building a shelter for our families in a harsh environment. Our ancestors were according to the Universal Dictionary description of function, practically useful. In todays society, there really is no need for this…or is there? Walking and running was a means for hunting or transport and not just an occasional activity. And lifting has become something we do 2-3 times per week for an hour at our local gym. The point is we don’t have the time to exercise I get that. And that is why we have even less time to waste when it comes to meeting our health and fitness needs.

In my new ebook, I explain the why, what and how of meeting your fitness goals whatever they may be. You will be guided through the latest in research in the fields of Exercise programming, Fitness, Nutrition and more. This guide reflects 20 years of my exercise training and experience as a Personal Trainer, Sport Psychology Consultant and Biokineticist. Thousands of hours training men, woman, children and athletes of all walks of life. My methods and principles are built upon solid research, clinical experience and off course common sense. So why not put yourself to the test and start off with Foundation? There you will find a self-screen which is simple to apply and easy to interpret. If you can’t do it, work on it!

Until next time,

Keep on moving!

Marius Visser

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