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My Philosophy

Movement is a Gift…



The Gift of Movement

Movement is a gift…a right…a privilege that not everybody can enjoy. And yet,
it is one of the simplest and natural things on the planet that we can do. What
is Movement? Well, let me tell you… It’s not just our ability to walk, run or cycle
from point A to point B. It’s also not just about our activities and exercise habits
at the gym, schools, sports clubs or at home.

Movement is Everywhere

It’s inside us and around us. It lives and breathes just like we do because we are
movement. Movement is life, and therefore lack of movement means death. In
my years of studying in the fields of science and arts, and observation of
movements through sports, arts, injury, preservation, rehabilitation and
prevention, I have learned movement is so much more.

Movement is Behavioural

Our movement depends on our environment, and our environment dictates our
behaviour. Such as action and reaction or action and response. Ever since our
ancestors took their first steps we have evolved into great movers. But it seems
today our needs to move have changed somewhat. We have become static
movers! Our bodies have adapted to our new static environment. Meaning we
sit for long periods of time, followed by bouts of exercise or activities and our
bodies cannot adapt to the change in stimulus.

Our Bodies Are in Conflict

This conflict is causing stress. Sometimes more than what we can handle and
degeneration occurs followed by chronic injury. leading to further degeneration
and finally surgical or conservative interventions. All because we have lost our
ability to move well before we move often. You see moving often before we
move well can actually break us down… action and response. I see this all the
time with my clients and athletes especially those close to and over the age of 40!


It’s for this very reason I have developed the Over 40 Blueprint Guide, to try and
educate and provide solutions to anyone that wants to improve their lives and
sports. My work is based on a system and integration of my 7 Movement Rules
to ensure your success. It’s our birth given right to play! And nobody can take
that away from us. It should be instilled in our children, reinforced in our
adulthood and maintained into our golden years. But as I mentioned before, its
a gift and a privilege too. What do I mean by that?

Be a Free Mover

I don’t ever want my clients (or anyone else reading this) to follow my advice just
because I am someone who is an authority figure. You should only do what
makes sense to you. I have changed the lives and movement behaviours of
thousands and I want you to change your movement behaviours because it will
make you move and feel better. Besides, I think we both know that you really
shouldn’t need convincing. Each journey is unique and while the advice of
someone with experience and the appropriate credentials can be helpful,
remember that no one else can do it for you. You must take personal
responsibility and deal with your life!


Thoughts on my Philosophy?

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