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Step-By-Step, Proven System

For Strength, Mobility and Health

Based on a proven system to progress and improve on a daily basis

Finally, Realistic Step by Step Programming
Unlike any other, my progressions incorporate not only comprehensive number of steps but also take care of
mobility, flexibility and Strength through my Foundations, Core and Master courses.

Mastery System
Know exactly how to perform the movement patterns by following my videos. You will need to master the
movements in order to progress through the course. Your movements will become more balanced, more
fluent, and more controlled. This is the cue for you to progress to a more difficult and challenging course.

Personalised Approach
With this flexible course, you can personalise your training to suite your goals. You can use the Foundations
program to not only self-screen your movements, but use any one of the components to compliment your
existing sports programs.

Train like a PRO
Train like a PRO with the same system that has transformed thousands of my clients and sports enthusiasts.

Injury Prevention
The Over 40 Blueprint Foundation course, train the connective tissue and joints to prevent injury. Many
athletes use it to not only get back into training safely but as an off-season maintenance program.

Lose Body Fat, Naturally
Training with full body movements gets your body to naturally drop fat while gaining muscles and building
strength and mobility at the same time.

Balance & Control
Train your core for posture, function, performance or to correct any asymmetries you might have. Many of
my exercise progressions work the core in a unique way. Improving your alignment, integrity and control
under loads.

Physique Transformation
Transform your body into a well functioning human, ready to absorb the stresses from your environment.
Strengthen your body from the inside, while transforming your body on the outside.

Make movement an everyday part of your life.

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